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Our Process


Project scoping

We start by understanding your brief and scoping out the project to ensure agreement on the functional spec upfront.


Creating the Designs

Once the functional spec is scoped out, we create the UI and UX designs. We do this in Adobe XD so you can test the UX out.


Development Planning

Alongside the UI designs, we will start planning the development sprint.


Development Implementation

Once the designs are completed and the development planning is done, we will move into the development implementation.


Testing, Testing, Testing

Our expert software testing team will test every inch of the system to uncover any bugs so we can get them fixed before launch.


Feedback & Improvements

We will fix any bugs and make any additional adjustments required to make the application work effectively.



When it's ready to launch, we will move into the production deployment stage and share your application in a live environment.

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Ross and his team were available for me whenever i needed them.

Flexible, Professional and creative.

I am over the moon with what they have done for me but even more impressed with the service, care and attention to detail.

I will be referring Mr Digital to all my colleagues, friends and family should they need any advice no matter big or small.


Jordan Willis, JW Private Finance
JW Private Finance

Jordan Willis

Absolutely amazing!

I needed to create a website to ensure our staff were engaged and updated during the pandemic and Ross and his team were able to deliver the most impressive website quickly, efficiently and on-brand.

The final result was perfect and the training delivered to update the site was fantastic.

The whole project was completed with ease and I cannot recommend the team enough.

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Here’s what you get… 

First, you’ll learn how to approach a ReactJS web development project and how/why it’s different from other web development projects you’ve done before. Then, you’ll discover the exact steps we follow when we’re planning a React web development project. 

We’ll also share insight into one of our React development projects so you can see some of the benefits of using React in a real-life example.  

Finally, we’ll explain why it’s important to know you have a strong team in place to ensure a smooth development process, from the initial design concept and frontend React development to backend development and quality testing. 

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Let us be honest, we usually charge £800+vat per day to help plan ReactJS web development projects – but this project plan includes the process we follow and how you can do it yourself… for FREE!



React is a front-end JavaScript library that was developed by Facebook in just 2011. Facebook developed It to enhance application performance while working on both the client-side and server-side.

Some of the advantages and standout features of using React are:  

  1. React is excellent for developing complex and interactive web and mobile user-interfaces (UI).
  2. React's component-based approach allows for reusable UI components which support the development process.
  3. React can be used for the client-side and the customer side.
  4. React relies on server-side rendering.
  5. React uses a virtual DOM instead of a real DOM.
  6. React improves the performance of your application.
  7. React is easy to integrate with other frameworks, such as Angular.

React does have some limitations, which are:  

  1. React is different from normal frameworks and acts more as a library.
  2. React can take a lot of time to understand the contents of the library because it's so big.
  3. React is difficult to understand for beginners and can take a lot of time to master.

The Components of React are like the building blocks of your React application for the user-interface (UI). By separating the entire UI into independent, reusable components, it makes creating your applications UI easier.

Discuss a React Web Development Session

WARNING: Before you claim your free React Web Development planning session, we want you to understand that it is only for people serious about React Web Development projects and understand this is not an overnight development process but an investment in quality, enterprise-level development. 

We’re happy to take the lead and be accountable for the development project, but to really create an awesome solution in React, we need you to be committed and dedicated to your development project and what you are creating. If you’re not ready to commit to your project just yet, please don’t waste our time.

But if you are ready to take your idea forward and develop an industry-leading application then book your FREE strategy session Zoom call now.



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